Marketing Notification Procedure

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Under a new regulatory regime, a product registration approval process and a manufacturer product license are replaced by the notification procedure. As a result, the product registration fee for the Ministry of Health will be canceled.
As for now, the new reform only deals with the products such as soap, shampoo, body lotion, and deodorant (non-sensitive cosmetics). Sensitive cosmetics such as products for babies and children (up to the age of 12), sunscreen, products for the mouth and eyes, cosmetics that contain a nano-component, and those for use by pregnant women are not included in the notification procedure the initial stage of implementation. These products will still need product approval issued by the MoH as before. However, if a new process is successful, more product types will be gradually added to the new procedure.

Other Products


  • Natural Health Product/Dietary Supplements
  • Veterinary Health Products
  • Medical Devices
  • OTC Products
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Cannabis and Psychedelic Product
  • Supplemented Foods

Parallel Import – New Cosmetic Import Policy
The cosmetics market in Israel is assessed to be NIS 4 billion a year. Through the parallel import, the public in Israel is expected to save NIS 600 million a year, which reflects a discount of about 15% on cosmetics.
According to the new Israel cosmetic importing policy, an importer will be eligible to import cosmetic products through a “parallel import” process except for sensitive cosmetics.
Parallel import means – an import that is not within a direct relationship between the importer and the manufacturer. That is an import made by a non-importer who imports the cosmetics under an agreement with the manufacturer based on similarity to the reference cosmetic product issued by the approved laboratory. A reference cosmetic is a product already marketed in Israel and whose name has been published on the official Israel Ministry of Health website.


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