Cosmetics Registration

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As the first step in a new cosmetic regulatory process, a manufacturer or importer of the cosmetic product must appoint in writing a Responsible Representative in Israel.

A Responsible Representative must have relevant experience and knowledge of new cosmetic regulations and product claims, quality, and safety requirements to perform this function as expected. According to the new-coming cosmetic Regulation in Israel, a responsible representative has a central role in registration; therefore, a proper selection of this person is crucial for successful cosmetic registration in Israel.BioReg can serve as a Responsible Representative for the cosmetic product in Israel.

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The registration of cosmetics is necessary for anyone who intends to import and market cosmetic products in Israel. According to a new Israeli law expected to be implemented by the end of 2022, the registration process is significantly simplified. The product license (approval), managed by the Israel Ministry of Health (MoH), will now be replaced by the notification process so that the product registration becomes immediate. The responsible representative representing the manufacturer or importer in front of the MoH will register a cosmetic license or renewal online.

The cosmetic products in Israel are expected to meet European requirements for quality and safety as per Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 30 November 2009 on Cosmetic Products. A person must not attribute to the cosmetic a virtue of healing the body or one of its organs or systems or of preventing disease, its healing, relief, or assistance in dealing with it or its symptoms nor it will attribute to the product characteristics or features which it does not have, by way of marking or advertising.

Cosmetic Dossier

According to new Israel cosmetic regulations, a cosmetic product could be marketed in Israel only if the responsible representative has available all the product-related documentation listed below, in Hebrew or English:


  • Evidence-based support for the marketing claims attributed to cosmetics on the cosmetics label
  • The cosmetics manufacturer declaration that no animal experiments were performed during the product development process (if such experiments were performed – data on the experiments should be available)
  • A photo of the cosmetic packaging in a way that will allow identification of the cosmetic
  • Cosmetic safety assessment report
  • Description of the stages of the cosmetic production process


The responsible representative will hold the cosmetics dossier electronically or in a hard copy at his address in Israel for ten years from the marketing date of the last product batch. After that, the cosmetic dossier will be available for inspection by the MoH to supervise and control the cosmetics.

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